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Growing Cleveland Strong:
A Collection of Food Stories


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     Since the 1950's, Cleveland has lost over half of its resident population. Media portrayals of abandoned lots and crumbling buildings, however, often fail to depict the resilience of those who remain. A showcase of the city's tenacity, hundreds of urban farms and gardens scattered throughout Cleveland provide sources of renewal, hope, and nourishment for their surrounding neighborhoods. Guided by narration by Dee Perry, prepare to be inspired as we take you on a journey into the hidden worlds of Cleveland's gardens and introduce you to some of the elders, young people, refugees, formerly incarcerated, veterans, entrepreneurs, urban planners, and civic-minded neighbors cultivating the city's rebirth.


     Gardens don't just grow food. They serve as urban oases; enabling communities to reconnect with the cycles of nature and rejuvenate bonds between neighbors. Not just a recent trend, the practice of urban farming is as old as Cleveland itself, serving as a refuge in times of crisis and upheaval. Through the telling of the oral histories of some of the Clevelanders involved with urban farming, this film aims to illustrate how the simple act of growing food has become a deep-rooted and enduring expression of American democracy during this time of political divide and uncertainty.

Screenings & Film Festivals

August 10-13, 2017           The Indie Gathering International Film Festival & Conference          Past Screening

Thursday, March 30th        Private Screening for Participants & Supporters                                Past Screening

Wednesday, April 19th      Film & Panel Discussion at Nature Center at Shaker Lakes                Past Screening

Friday, August 5, 2016      American Community Gardening Assoc. 37th Annual Conference     Past Screening


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